2009 Calendar

Purchase a calendar and you will be part of our work in supporting the education and health development for these children who live in poverty in Flores, in the eastern region of Indonesia.

You could have a calendar with Indonesian public holidays, or with Australian public holidays.
Please email us today to make your order.

The smile on their happy faces might fade away, if not completely go away, without your support.
And the best thing is, the photos in this calendar will remind you that you have done something great for them.

Below are some facts about the area where they live:

In East Nusa Tenggara, eastern Indonesia, the incidence of poverty is severe, with 80 per cent of the population (approx. 4.2 million) living below the poverty line. Flores and Timor are the poorest islands in this region. (UNDP)

The secondary school enrollment rate in Flores is only 39 per cent, where children included in the remaining percentage can not afford education.

A vast majority of children aged 3 to 6 years lack access to developmental and early learning activities, particularly those children from isolated, rural areas in Indonesia (UNICEF)

Around 13 million children in Indonesia are malnourished (World Food Programme)

What happens – or doesn’t happen – to children in the earliest years of their lives is of critical importance, both to their immediate well-being and to their future. (UNICEF)

The root cause of malnutrition and poor health condition is poverty, and the root cause of poverty is lack of knowledge and education. (unknown)

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