What We Do

Since early 2007, Ribbon of Love has been organising regular donations from donors like you. These funds are channeled directly to children who come from poor families in Flores – one of the poorest islands in the eastern region of Indonesia, to make education accessible to them. This is achieved through the following two programs.

This program supports a school which provides low-cost early childhood education. The school is run by education-concerned volunteers from around the area.
  • Due to the extreme poverty in this region of Indonesia, malnutrition is a threat for many children. To help alleviate the problem, we established “A glass of milk a day” program which provides each child in the school with a glass of milk every day. We also provide books and school uniforms to allow the students to receive decent education in decent clothing.
  • AUD $ 7 or Rp 50,000 = 1 month supply of milk for a child (1 glass/day)
  • AUD $10 or Rp 100,000 = 1 month supply of milk, books, and stationery for a child
  • AUD $15 or Rp 150,000 = 1 month supply of milk, books, stationery, and uniforms for a child

This program gives scholarships for high-achieving students who are in their secondary and tertiary level of education.
  • We are sponsoring 13 secondary students and 1 tertiary student, who are in need of financial help to pursue their dreams to be doctors, nurses, teachers, community leaders, and much more.
  • AUD $180 or Rp 1,200,000 = 1 year of schooling at the secondary level

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