.... you....

To see you,
In awesome wonder
What greatness revealed
Oh such grace..

You bath me in your splendor
Oh how you make this soul soar
Every breath I take
When I'm enticed by your beauty

Your playful tone
Your soft whisper
Your gentle touch
Your smile

O your light shines on my weary soul
Brought me up from the depth of despair
Where the dead lies and the forgotten rest

You save me from damnation,
the abyss of hate and broken heart
Of hurt and pity
Of hopelessness and regrets

So I say it once and forever it will be

With every breath I take, I whisper in your ears, "I am yours"

- George Iswara - Flores, July 2009

During the trip to Flores, we were guided by an FCJ Sister, Sr.Afra. She always claims to live on top of an emerald mountain surrounded by the ocean. It sounds like too much of an exaggeration for a city boy like me. All I know about the island Flores is that it is a small island, like any remote areas in Indonesia, it is also poor, in economic terms. The word "pity" would usually go hand in hand with the description of its social economic situation. Like any other city boy, I always thought a big city is the peak of civilization.

However, Flores is breathtakingly beautiful, not only the scenery but also the way of living over there. It is hard living, but it is amazing to see how people can live with so little, yet still genuinely happy. Something that I tend to forget living in the city while sipping my green tea latte. I had the honor of being shown to live freely with nothing, to be grateful of the simple things in life, to praise His greatness for the little happiness that happens along the way.

Flores reminds me of the greatness of the Creator, where no matter how advance we are as a civilization, we are nothing. No matter how high and big our malls can be, it cannot be compared to what He has created for us. How big our salaries, bonuses, or the many awards and achievement we have got, were not even close to the splendor that was being presented to the eyes of yours truly. I wrote the poem to remind me of not only how beautiful Flores is, but also how I was reminded of the greater glory of God. Flores was the place I found my peace again. Flores was the place where I learned that I still have much to learn. Flores was the place where God and I sat down and had a little talk, trying to reach to me. It is truly an emerald mountain."

(George, a friend of Ribbon of Love, who went along on June trip to Flores.)