The last twelve months

Dear friends and benefactors,
This note is written especially to acknowledge your generous gifts which have allowed Ribbon of Love to exist up to its fourth year now.
As a volunteer-based organisation, Ribbon of Love exists for the children in Indonesia and for their development. They receive not only material support. In their way towards seeing their dreams come true, they receive encouragement and hope, all of which are the fruits of your love.
Let us recall the last twelve months which have rolled the ribbons of Ribbon of Love.
At the beginning of 2011, Ribbon of Love began its Facebook Page. Since then, six people have signed up to become new Ribbon of Love's benefactors, and joined hands with the other benefactors in making monthly gifts to Ribbon of Love's Scholarships and Children Development Programs.
The JOY of receiving and giving
It's time for us now to share with you our joy of receiving and giving, from you and to our children.
@PAUD - Early Childhood Education - Maria Mount Carmel in Wairklau, Maumere.
The association between Ribbon of Love with the PAUD started back in 2007. Since then, we have been continuously supporting the PAUD in educating up to 40 (forty) children each year through the gift of a glass of milk a day, books, school uniforms, and educational materials.
In May 2011, Robert Raya - a benefactor of Ribbon of Love gathered books for children which were handed down for the benefit of the PAUD children. And, in December 2011, we donated several sets of crayons for them.
@Ribbon of Love Scholarships
In July 2011, four (4) students who had been sponsored by Ribbon of Love Scholarships completed their secondary education. Your sponsorships to these students have opened the door of greater opportunities and a brighter future.
In the current academic year of 2011-2012, our Scholarships are sponsoring fifty (50) students, including:
  • four students at the tertiary level,
  • twenty-four students at the senior secondary level, and
  • twenty-two students at the junior secondary level.

The selection criteria are based on the student's academic performance and the family's financial situation. Those with very low financial support are given full scholarships, wheras others are given either 75% or 50% of their tuition fees depending on their academic results. The reason for such a variable scheme is to increase the students' motivation while giving opportunities for those who otherwise can't afford schooling.

You are a ribbon of love

Sixteen of Ribbon of Love's on-going benefactors live and work in Australia, whereas thirteen of them are in Indonesia. These numbers are growing as this note is written, and there are numerous people who have made invaluable one-off donations throughout the year.

Money donation and goods have been received and sent to Ribbon of Love's students. Others have also made various contributions in many ways, such as spreading the words about RoL's programs, subscribing to RoL's facebook page, designing RoL's calendars (which will be for sale very soon), are just to name a few..

Every person counts and every gift helps to bring our children towards a better future.

THANK YOU for your invaluable gifts and support.

2011's Resolutions

Hello all,
In 2011, Ribbon of Love is entering its 4th year, and we feel we need to make some improvements. Our first resolution is: update our Facebook Page and create more interactions with our friends and donors via Facebook.

What do you think?
Your comments and feedback are highly valuable. So, please feel free to drop us a line or two...

Let's continue to help the development of children in Indonesia.