Newsletter Ribbon of Love September 2010

During our recent visit, we took the chance to have an interview with Mrs. Esther and Mrs. Lastri, both are teachers at PAUD Maria Gunung Karmel. Mrs. Esther is a senior teacher and the current headmaster. She has been with the school since the very first day of its service. Being the most senior one, she would be the right person to give opinions about the progress of the school. Mrs. Lastri, on the other hand, is the newest teacher, and as a newcomer, we would like to hear about some of her expectations from the school. Below are some key points of the interview.

When asked about the progress and achievements which have been made by PAUD Maria Gunung Karmel, both teachers are proud of a number of awards which the school has received so far. "We received an award from the district government (Sikka District, NTT Province), as a competitive PAUD (Early Childhood Education) amongst other PAUDs in the district, which is proven by the students' performance in last year's school competition held by the district's Office of Education," Mrs. Esther said.

"What about children's nutritional needs?" we asked. "The school also puts a great effort in meeting the student's nutritional needs. Such an effort is put into action by running a daily "After-Class Meal" activity, which encourages parents to provide nutritious snack for their children to be enjoyed together after class. In addition, every children is given a complementary glass of milk (sponsored by Ribbon of Love) during meal."

And finally, "What are the expectations of both teachers from the school in the future?" "In continuing to provide its best service for children and the more general community in surrounding area, PAUD Maria Gunung Karmel should improve its quality of teaching, as well as school management, which is asking for more support from the government."

To this end, Ribbon of Love has given and will continue to give support for the school in terms of donation of books or other learning materials for teachers and students, in a co-ordination with the Carmelite priest who serves as the school's advisor. Any kind of contributions from our generous donors will be very much appreciated.

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