First Milk Shipment in 2012

An SMS from Romo Paskal reminds me that it is the time for another shipment of milk to Flores. So this morning, I drove to the usual Lotte Mart to buy the milk, before heading to the post office for shipping.
Upon getting to the Milk Section, I saw this announcement

Well, as Ribbon of Love usually buy and donate the 456 Chocolate Variant, I cleared the racks :D. This is what I have in my shopping cart: 22 Frisan Flag 456, 1200 gram each.

Unfortunately, the original box packaging which is used to ship the milk was gone. So I did the greatest art of packaging that I have to pack those milks into any available box. After almost 1 hour, those milks on my shopping cart looks like this:

I close my Friday evening by dropping those boxes at the nearest post office, after attaching the shipping label. Two weeks later, many happy children in Flores will sip the milk, a scene that I wish I can witness in person.
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