About Us


Our vision is that all children in Indonesia can have equal opportunity to receive education and develop their fullest potential.


Ribbon of Love works towards the improvement of children’s development in marginal communities across Indonesia, especially in terms of child education and health, by taking the following actions:

1. Supporting early childhood development to create awareness of the importance of education to the children and their families at the early stage

2. Giving financial support for children who cannot afford schooling

3. Supporting education which will enable children to self-sustain their development in the future

4. Giving health care support for ill children who cannot afford public health care facilities

5. Raising parents’ awareness of the high impact of good nutrition and healthy environment for their children’s development

6. Informing the general public about current issues on the education and welfare of children in Indonesia


1. Child-centered development: Our programs focus on children’s development.

2. Community development: Our programs utilise the local human resources which can help develop their own potential within the local community.

3. Sustainability: Our works and supports are intended to empower people to be able to self-sustain their own development in the future.

4. Accountability: We are committed to provide reports and progress update for our donors at a regular basis


Some members of our team live in Melbourne-Australia, and some live in Indonesia.We are currently working full-time at the entry-to-middle level in various industries, such as consulting, banking, information technology, retail, and logistics. We are committed to give ourselves in Ribbon of Love out of our love and compassion for the children in our home country, Indonesia.