Our History

Some years ago, in December 2006, we set foot at Flores Airport. It was two days before Christmas, and we thought that it would be great to celebrate Christmas in Flores, where many of the priests in our Church have come from. There are also a few choir from Flores that sings at my church. And they sing nicely. So, while in Flores, we would like to hear the choir from where they originated.
Carmelite Monastery of Beato Dionisius. We were hosted here during our visit

We were hosted at the Carmelite Monastery of Beato Dionisius in Wairklau, Maumere. They have their own Church within the complex, so it was really perfect for us to attend the Christmas Eve Mass.

On Christmas Eve, we came to the Church a bit early, yet other people were already coming. The seating for the Mass was provided using plastic chairs. Each of us took our chair and sat while waiting for the time. And when Mass started, we had the most beautiful Christmas Eve Mass in our life. The choir, all of them men who were to become priests, sang the Christmas Carols in the most beautiful mix of bass and baritone, harmonious in both their tone and emotion.
Church of our Christmas Eve 2006

Feeling blessed, we felt that we needed to do something after we left that place. The Carmelite Monastery of Beato Dionisius was planning to open a preschool to educate the local toddlers. "It will help our local families to get the necessary certificate for their kids to continue with their basic education," the head priest of that time told us.

So, on March 2007, Ribbon of Love was born, with a mission to provide equal chance of education for Flores, and for Eastern Indonesia at large.